Ella Dove,                    Journalist & Author                            

Ella Dove is a magazine journalist, author of novel Five Steps To Happy and trustee of the Limbless Association. In 2016, she lost her right leg below the knee following a freak running accident – tripping over while out for a jog. Since then, she has been on a mission to improve knowledge and awareness of amputation, trauma and disability, through her writing, charity campaigns and speaking events. She also teaches therapeutic writing workshops. Ella is keen to spread the mantra that there is hope after trauma. There is light through the dark. It can – and it will – get better. 

Follow her on Instagram @ellarosedove or visit her website elladove.com


Alexa Silvaggio,     Wellness entrepreneur                            

Alexa Silvaggio is a wellness entrepreneur based in Los Angeles.  She is a teacher, writer, podcast host, retreat leader and CEO of Ritch Chocolate Rituals, a mindfulness chocolate brand.  She encourages you to cultivate a more loving relationship with your body, and self, through all she teaches. She would love to connect with  you! @alexasilvaggio


Alexia Chellun,    Singer - Songwriter                   

Trust. No plans for the future. Go with the flow. Not exactly catch phrases for today's media savvy and self promoting generation of musical artists, but a way of life for singer songwriter Alexia Chellun. Thirteen albums and three singles into a productive 15 year journey, Alexia has riden the wave of trusting and practising life from a different angle. 


Lisa Kennedy,    Performer 


Lisa Kennedy is a dance artist/choreographer and founder of the 1940/50s inspired dance troupe, The Kennedy Cupcakes.

In 2019 Lisa established The Braw and The  Brave, a podcast about people and their passions. From artists to dancers, world travellers to conservationists.

Lisa enjoys writing and in recent years has dabbled in poetry, using Scots to convey her thoughts on topics such as kindness, imposter syndrome and the mother tongue itself! Lisa is ever inquisitive and enjoys encouraging others to share ideas and tap into their creative self.


Elisa Iannacone, Cinematographer & Author

Elisa L. Iannacone is a rare mix of human rights advocate and magical realist, often producing multi-media work that reframes views on the world. With experience working in over 30 countries, at times covering conflict or humanitarian crises. she has produced work for outlets such as Newsweek, National Geographic, and BBC World. 
She is currently designing visualization and trauma healing workshops to be implemented at a new art installation for Nirox Sculpture Park in South Africa.

Natalie Logan McLean                     CEO SISCO

Natalie set up Sisco, a charity whose main objective is to build a bridge between prisoners and society. From peer lead recovery cafés in the Scottish Prison Service to soccer training in the community, Sisco’s model is built on trust, integrity and honesty. 
Offering multiple pathways to recovery, Sisco’s strategy is specifically designed for individuals caught in the cycle of addiction. Natalie puts the person in ‘whole person approach’ and the ‘informed’ in ‘trauma informed’ in a model that has proven to be so successful it’s now a blueprint to adapt throughout the Scottish Prison Service.


Anne McTaggart, Bailie Glasgow City Council

Civil Celebrant, former Member Scottish Parliament - Shadow Minister International Development, Europe and Democracy... 
It's been a busy first half of life for Anne. 
What's next in the 2nd half of her life? Trying to beat all that she put into the first half.  Anne's married, with 3 children all grown up. 
Anne always worked many jobs, from age 13 in a hairdressers, started off her own dance school at 18 years old, worked many places, social work, prisons, addictions, colleges, communities before entering into the world of politics and loved every moment of it. Well nearly. 


Meera Naran MBE Road Safety Campaigner

Meera Naran, MBE is an independent road safety campaigner and the mother of Dev Naran who died in a road crash on the M6 in 2018.  She has successfully campaigned for the adoption of 18 national policy changes with a commitment from the Department of Transport to spend an extra £5mn on an education campaign. She was awarded an MBE for services to road safety earlier this year.  Meera continues her campaign for Safer Drivers on Safer Roads and works in an advisory capacity alongside the Department for Transport, in memory of Dev.
Meera also shares her journey through grief and trauma focusing on the importance of self-love and growth through her talks and writing.


Elaine Lennon's 'The Homebird Sessions' at TEDx

Award winning local singer songwriter Elaine Lennon is back! This time with 2 fellow award winning singer songwriters: Yvonne Lyon and Adriana Spina! 
Elaine is bringing her online music show Homebird sessions, created during lockdown, to the TEDx stage, including an exclusive song on our theme 'What Now?' for this year's event. 
The trio's single will be released on the day of the event! 

Sharon Black, Coach & Army Reserve Sergeant

Sergeant Sharon Black currently serves with 154 (Scottish) Regiment as a reservist in the British Army for 13 years. Sharon has worked full time in Army Recruitment space for over 10 years .  Inclusive Leadership facilitator and Diversity Ally, Sharon is part of the Defence Mindfulness Steering group and is known for introducing phases like meditation to soldiers and for her advocacy of women in leadership roles. Recently left the Army in Scotland Recruitment Team and is now focusing on her new position programme facilitator at CANI Coaching, delivering values based leadership sessions in schools engaging, educating and exciting young disaffected pupils about LIFE .

Lori & Cece,              Performers

Lori Lex is a TEDx Cumbernauld Women legend. Comedy genius who's also part of comedy group Whitsherface - Lori is back performing a brand new text - hard hitting and harrowing. 
And this time, she's back with a pal! 
Cece is a straight talking powerhouse of a woman who will tap into the moment of her life she was most vulnerable: after her cancer diagnosis age 19. 
Two local voices contributing to normalising dialogue around women's experiences. 

Dani Wallace,        Business Coach 

Fearless leader of the I Am The Queen Bee Movement and creator of the Fly Anyway Foundation, Dani helps people the world over Show up Wise up and Rise, and is a reminder to anyone who enters her orbit that they too, regardless of their journey can Fly Anyway! 
Former serial self-saboteur, having grown up on the council estates of Preston, Dani has survived the adversity of domestic violence, homelessness and single parenthood to become a leading voice in empowerment and one of the most exciting motivational speakers to hit the UK stage in a long time! 

16 women. 13 stories. Talks, Acts, Performances. 
Be Inspired & elevate our community to take its place on the global stage!

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